Ever since the guy mocked fans with strong AF pictures of him snuggling beach front together with mysterious date, we’ve been perishing to know what
beauty guru and YouTube originator Bretman Rock
‘s handsome man appears to be! Well, after an extended delay, it appears to be like we’re at long last dealing with capture a glimpse of him—just maybe not in the way you might think…

In a current video clip published to their YouTube route, Bretman challenges his BF (whoever name’s still a puzzle to audiences) to generate a full-face makeup products identify him, and even though we get to listen his (deep) vocals and view his fingers apply various beauty products to Bretman’s face, we, sadly, aren’t getting to see such a thing beyond that. But also for valid reason!

During the video clip, Bretman clarifies that his man is incredibly exclusive and doesn’t make use of social media marketing. Whatsoever. (A stark distinction to Bretman himself, that over 14.5 million followers on Instagram and 7 million customers on YouTube.)

“the guy does not maintain social networking, that I like,” Bretman states in video clip while his date hilariously is applicable excessive base to his face.

“i simply don’t believe that’s the issues that helps make the relationship,” his BF chimes in. “It never ever happens to be.”

Through the entire other countries in the vid, the two recount how they met in the shopping mall and began internet dating, and we also’re seriously swooning at how pretty almost everything sounds!

Although we confess we are nonetheless pretty thirsty observe exactly what his beau appears like (hey, we’re only getting honest!), it really is nice to understand that Bretman, one of the beauty market’s most well known and hard-working influencers, is actually setting well-deserved borders in terms of their individual and expert lives! So we can’t be crazy at that!

View Bretman’s sweetheart carry out his beauty products and give an explanation for pretty AF tale about how exactly they came across from inside the movie below!